Write More Text Less – Letter Writing Month 2016

March 15, 2016

April is National Letter Writing Month.  This means actual, physical mail, not the annoying, junky virtual kind.

If you know me, you know I love a good mail day. It’s been a minor obsession since I was in 5th grade, writing letters to Courtney and Caron, who moved away.

This April I encourage you to break out the postage stamps, jot a few notes, and send them off through the magic of the USPS. Sending mail gives the same warm fuzzies as receiving it–I promise!

Who wouldn’t want to find a little Bieber in their mailbox?


If you’re feeling really ambitious, consider the Write_On letter writing challenge: Send 30 pieces of mail in 30 days starting April 1st. I’ll be participating for the first time this year and to prepare myself properly I’ve signed up for the Write_On free letter writing kit. FREE. And pretty rad: they’re giving away 10,000 kits each filled with 6 letterpress cards and other goodies..no strings attached.

This is not an ad or sponsored post. I stumbled upon the Write_On site while perusing Instagram and it only has me even more hyped about April.  Side note: I’ve been working on creating a correspondence-related post or group  (saving details for later posts) and Insta is a major source for correspondence inspiration. 

Why not join me? 🙂 Order your own free kit while they last, buy some pretty stationery, or break out some notebook paper and crayons.  Maybe tie 30 postcards to 30 balloons and set them free?

Comment with your address if you want to be included among the 30 letters/cards I write next month. I’ll do my best.

If you wanna send a letter my way (I nearly always send replies), mail it here:

Marika Frady Yi

320 S Cascade Ave, 2ND FL

Colorado Springs, CO 80903 USA

Best case scenario, your mailbox gets flooded with colorful, happy fan mail, then you keep the exchange going and end up with a few lifelong friends.


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