Trader Joes Seduction: Shrimp and Grits Bites Review

January 14, 2016

Frozen and ready for baking

I went to Trader Joes today for some bagged kale and pears and left with a bag full of goodies, including these Shrimp and Grits Bites. When I see Shrimp and Grits on any menu, I order it. At its best a bowl of shrimp and grits is comforting and creamy and craveable. At it’s worst, the shrimp is tough and the grits are lumpy. I wanted to see how Trader Joes stacks up.My exceptions were tempered. I’ve got tons of TJs love, but we’re talking about frozen, pre-cooked shrimp and mere teaspoons of grits.
Here they are, ready for baking:

They’re pretty cute all plated up.

The package says to bake for 20 minutes at 375 degrees. 20 minutes seems like a lot for tiny bay shrimp, but I decided to follow the directions for better or worse.

My take on these Shrimp and Grits Bites? They’re novel and fine to pop out for guests who stop by unexpectedly, but I won’t be tossing them into my Trader Joe’s cart regularly. I’d rather just whip up my own piping bowl of shrimp and grits.

Bite-sized cuteness
Tender crusty cornmeal cupGrits are smooth and soft
Ready in 20 minutes
Good seasoning, not too salty

Shrimp easily overcooked..looked dry
Puny shrimp
Could have used some sort of sauce
Minimal browning when cooked

What are you favorite Trader Joe’s frozen foods? I’d love help deciding what to try next.

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