Top 12 Travel Tote Bags

January 19, 2016

Chic travel is about effortless packing.  If you’re going to edit your wardrobe to the absolute vacation essentials, choose pieces you absolutely adore and pack them into a stylish weekender tote bag. Forget that beat up, utilitarian, rolling upright suitcase.  A weekender tote will make you look like a spontaneous jet setter who doesn’t mind getting a little wind in her hair.  You know how a wind machine makes regular models look like Victoria’s Secret supermodels? It’s the same concept here.

The weekender totes below are both timeless and practical.  You can find a chic travel tote at any budget.  Here are my Top 12 picks:

Ready to getaway for a warm weekend?  Check out this article for some more packing inspiration.


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