This Mud’s a Dud

June 2, 2016

Whole Foods can be a great souce for natural beauty supplies. I like to squat down and check the shelves closest to the ground for the best prices..I’m not one to judge a product by the prettiness of its label alone. 

I purchased this mud mask by Dead Sea Minerals for around $10.00.  I hadn’t heard of it specifically before and my phone had no service so I couldn’t run a quick search. When I checked out the cashier said, “You know there are no refunds on open products.”  I didn’t ask, and I’m not sure all Whole Foods have that policy (because it’s archaic), but it was strange to me that she offered that unsolicited tip. 

Like most new beauty products, this one sat in my cabinet for a few weeks before I cracked it open. And once I peeled away the seal I was smacked in the face with the worst sulfur smell I’ve ever known.

Don’t they say that “Pain is beauty?” Someone has said it. The scent of this mud burned my nostril hairs. I know that rotting egg smell is pretty common at hot springs and in therapeutic mud.  Still, wouldn’t it have been pretty easy to dump in a bunch of dried lavender, rose petals, or Cool Water cologne, or to help mask that stretch? 

I imagine this smell might be unmaskable.

Still, something told me to slather that mud on my face. There was a promise that I’d only need to wear it for about 5 minutes to feel benefits. I might as well have been shocked with a Taser for 5 was that unpleasant. 

I don’t even know if I was able to wait 5 whole minutes before scrubbing it off. And it took forever to get that goo off of my skin. And the sulfur smell lingered.  No amount of toner and perfumey creams helped. 

My skin wasn’t radiant, my pores didn’t appear clearer. I was just let down, kinda stinky, with the voice of that cashier ringing in my head. She knew.

I can’t recommend this Dead Sea Warehouse Amazing Minerals Mud Mask. There are too many more pleasant, more effective masks out there. 

What are your go-to masks?

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