An Absolute Easy Way to Save Cash

March 4, 2016
cash saving jar

I started thinking about doing taxes recently and noticed that 2015 was a pretty good year for me and my little business.  I think I was too busy to realize that things were going ok financially at the office. That said, based on what I made, there really should have been a bit of a cash cushion left over. Instead I have gadgets and too many throw blankets and a cupboard full of fancy teas I’ve collected over the last year.  

A tiny sampling of my precious teas.

While I don’t regret any of those purchases, it would be nice to take a legit vacation somewhere.  Add up the cost of all I accumulated in “stuff” in 2015 and we could have taken a super swank vacay.  We could have made memories. Memories last a lot longer than a tea bag.

So we’ve decided to take some easy steps to save cash for the rest of this year.  This plan started with a jar and some change and we’ve turned it into a game.  Every time we end up with a $5 bill, we will toss it into that jar, nice and mindlessly. I love a good passive income plan. Loose change can go into the jar, too, but the $5s are the prize.

The husband has named the jar, “I Got 5 on It.”  I bet you can come up with a good name whatever denomination you choose to use.

I’m curious to see what we end up with by Summer and will keep you posted.  I imagine this just won’t work for those of you who don’t carry cash, but if you’re trying to save money and budget, you should consider carrying cash and paying with cash more often than with a card.  Cards are just too easy to swipe.  It turns into shopping muscle memory and that just isn’t good for the bank account.  Trust me on this one.

I’d love to learn other easy methods for saving cash.  If you have a particularly simple or mindless method, shoot me a message and tell me about it.  If you’re a hardcore budgeter send some money saving vibes my way.  I love hearing how people make their money work for them.


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