So You Didn’t Win Powerball

January 13, 2016

I won $5, total.

You probably aren’t the lucky one who bought the winning ticket in Chino Hills, CA. So you’ll be going to work tomorrow. Mope a bit and then tuck away your fantasy resignation letter (the one I always daydreamed about was tethered to a bouquet of balloons and printed on shimmery card stock).  

You’re going to be ok. Life’s still fine. Stop your grind and take a moment to soak it up. Someone’s probably gonna hug you today. Your dog will still give you a red carpet greeting when you walk in the door. You’ll laugh. 

And that Powerball winner..well, statistics say they blow through their millions within two years, on average, and in the end they’re no happier than us losers.  So rest your head on that when you next go to sleep.

When I took a break from my hustle today, I noticed things like this: 



Sights like these definitely take the sting out of losing. 

(Update: Apparently there are three winners now–that stings a tiny bit..) 🙂

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