Play 2016 Super Bowl Bingo – Free Printable Cards

February 2, 2016

Are you throwing a party or invited to one for The Big Game coming up February 7th? 

Here’s a game you can add to your party game repertoire.  Keep the kids occupied for those four full hours of football.  Maybe your NFL team didn’t make it this year (mine did!).  Give those non-fans something to do between munching on chips and queso and commenting on commercials.

Almost everyone knows how to play BINGO, and here it is with a Super Bowl twist.  This printable pdf has enough cards for up to 16 players.  Just print and cut sheets in half.


Party host/hostess decides in advance what type of Bingo everyone must play: straight line bingo, blackout, four corners, maybe a shape that resembles a football?  Watch the football game closely and look for the items you see in the boxes.  When you’ve spotted something on your Bingo card, mark it.  Once you have BINGO, dab like Cam Newton or do your own victory dance, and definitely yell “Bingo!”


  1. If you don’t have 16 guests playing, just print the number of cards you need.  Or print them all and consider playing a second round.
  2. Some of the Bingo squares aren’t totally concrete.  What they want you to identify may be up for debate, which only makes this Bingo game more interesting and competitive.
  3. You’ll need something like Adobe Acrobat reader to open the file.  It’s a large file and may a bit slow to load, but it’s worth the wait.
  4. If you want to be authentic, you can find bingo dauber markers at most dollar stores.  Otherwise, hand out some markers, offer up a silly prize, and make it an annual event.

Let me know what games you like to play at parties.  Cheers and good luck!

super bowl bingo cards PDF


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