Perfect Bags for the Working Girl

March 2, 2016

I’ve been searching for the perfect business tote bag. In my line of work, I carry legal sized files back and forth from my office to court appearances. After some trial and error, here are the 4 things I’m looking for in that perfect bag:

1. Size: It must MUST fit 14-inch file folders and I very much prefer if they can rest horizontally in the bag.

2. Weight: I’ve tried some heavy calf leather bags and while they do tend to look good even once they’re scuffed and beat up, I like something more lightweight. My ideal bag is probably along the lines of coated canvas, which can take some abuse and doesn’t mind being dropped on the floor as I run between courtrooms. Lightweight means I can carry more file folders, and some days I have a gang of them.

3. Handles: A long adjustable strap is nice in theory, but I have found that two roomy top handles make more practical sense for me. I need to be able to grab and go, and that usually doesn’t include time for me to hoist the shoulder strap over my head. I don’t like carrying my sometimes heavy tote by it’s handles alone–it just gets too heavy and sometimes cuts into my fingers. It makes me angry. A 9-inch strap drop is ideal for me; it’s comfy while also fitting easily over wool coats and suit jackets, sometimes both.

4. Closure: Finding a large tote bag that fits the criteria above AND has an easy zip top is my Holy Grail. I am still searching for it. In the meantime, these are some bags that have caught my eye recently. Let me know what bags work for the working girl in you. Have you found perfection? Tell me about it!

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