Packing for a Warm Weekend Getaway

January 15, 2016

When the weather plunges to 20 degrees, I dream about being scooped up and flown someplace warmer…just for long enough to warm up my bones.

The key to weekend getaway packing is to pack quickly and without second guessing.  Don’t be afraid to wear the same piece twice; make a game of it.  You can cover a dress with a shirt and BOOM the dress becomes a skirt.  Wear that same dress with sneakers and it can go from the club to sea shelling along the coast.  Mixing elements and pulling them off famously may mean turning up your confidence a few notches.  Remember, most of the people who will do a double take at your dressing will:

  1. Never see you again; and/or
  2. Be thinking of ways to emulate your unique style once you’re gone.

The single most important packing tip I can give you is to put effort into your luggage.  I’m not talking about 36-inch rolling hard-sided suitcases.  I’m talking about a malleable duffel or weekender bag you can throw over your shoulder comfortably as you hustle through the airport.  This same bag will be crammed under your seat and will only look better with some dings and scratches.  Think about leather bags in streamlined shapes.  Consider bags with separate shoe compartments.  Bags like the one I’ve picked below will be with you for years and trips to come and they’ll become faves as they absorb all of that vacation history.

And speaking of shoes, wear a versatile pair and then pack a fancier pair.  Don’t pack more shoes than the number of days in your weekend getaway.  Make your shoes work of you.  My ideal scenario for a weekend trip from wintery Colorado to anyplace a bit warmer is to wear some chic sneakers and then pack some versatile mules than can be worn with dresses or jeans.  If your shoes don’t quite match the vibe you want to give off, then adjust your vibe.  This is supposed to be a fun trip; focus on making memories over making footwear decisions.

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