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January 14, 2016

I spend more time reading about novels than actually reading them. I read mindless magazines that have book suggestions and add those books to my list of Books to Read. I listen to bookish podcasts like Dear Book Nerd and NPR’s All About Books. I subscribe to the Book Riot box from Quarterly Co. (though I’m considering cancelling that subscription). Goodreads is an app on page 2 of my phone and I like to add books to my “To Be Read” list, regularly. On Instagram and Facebook I toss LIKES to reading and literary memes like these:



I’ve been to The Strand bookstore, and I even own this hat:


The thing is, I’m a fraud. My To Be Read pile only grows taller on my nightstand every month and I shrink it down by switching out books, not by reading them.

I may be exaggerating a bit. 

I’ve actually discovered a really good place to read: in the courtroom while waiting for my cases to be called. Most attorneys play word games on their phones while they wait, but since my AT&T reception is crap in the courthouse, I’ve started bringing books with me. And I read a few great ones that way since starting in Summer 2015. Non-fiction is easiest for me to read with this method. I haven’t given fiction a fair shake, yet.

In another effort to make some positive change in this new year, I’ve edited my TBR pile to a short and reasonable stack. I’m going to read these to start and hopefully become more bookish than before. 

I’m contemplating a reading challenge for the year, but that might be too ambitious. My big resolution for this year is to not aim too high. It goes against all convention; don’t we always want to “reach for the stars?” I think there’s something to be said for learning to set goals that are still within this stratosphere. Less discouraging that way.

So I present to you, at the top of this post, my current TBR Pile. Have you read any of these?

Have you found a reading challenge that you think you’ll complete this year? I’d love some suggestions.

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