Best of Goldbely Monthly Foodie Box Review – Jan 2016

February 19, 2016

I love a good mail day.  These boxes all arrived at once in January: Influenster, Popsugar Must Have, an actual letter from Russia, and my first Goldbely box.


Mail is easily one of my top three things in life.  I’m nerd enough to admit this.  I couldn’t wait to tear into those boxes.  The Goldbely Box was most intriguing.  It was my first time ordering from Goldbely.  I was drawn there by the promise of Momofuku Milk Bar baked goods delivered to my door and I left with a month-to-month subscription to the best best regional foods Goldbely has curated from around the United States.  This January 2016 box was delivered to my doorstep–packed and cold in a foam cooler–filled with biscuits and cheesy spread straight from Callie’s Charleston Biscuits in South Carolina.  Colorado isn’t exactly a biscuit state, and while I shamefully hadn’t heard of Callie’s or Callie’s Hot Little Biscuit (an adorably named offshoot), I feel like the South knows biscuits and I have a dad from Georgia who would be the ultimate taste tester.

Here’s how the box looked once I popped it open.  A pretty yellow ribbon and some literature about Callie and her biscuits.

goldbely subscription best of box

There was a newsletter.  I’m the kind of girl who reads cookbooks like novels.  I read the biscuit newsletter, front to back.


Inside the box, there were two types of biscuits:  Black Pepper Bacon and then Cheese & Chive.  The biscuits themselves were tiny, most of them were the size of an ice cube.  And they were pre-cooked.  Initially, I thought they might expand and rise upon baking, but nope, these were finger food biscuits and I found them to be dainty, cute and full of Southern charm.  There were a few dozen biscuits in total and easy instructions describing how to preserve them and how to bake them so that they’re as close as possible to the real, fresh goods.

callie's biscuit

The biscuits didn’t arrive solo.  There was also a tub of pimento cheese spread.  I had to sneak a taste on a cracker.  It was less sweet, more complex and tasted more handmade than the stuff you get at the grocery store.  You’d almost guess the cheddar cheese was hand grated.  I knew it would be a hit.

IMG_9088 2

pimento cheese biscuit

I took biscuits and pimento spread to my parents’ house for a tasting.  Prepping the biscuits was easy: wrap in foil, bake, then unwrap toward the end to get a little crust action.  Here’s how they looked fresh out of the oven.  Look at those peppery flecks.

callie's biscuit review

The side-by-side really shows off the flaky, tender biscuit.

goldbely callie's biscuit review

These biscuits were a hit!  At $69.00/month it’s definitely a luxury subscription box.  Most subscription boxes I’ve subscribed to (and I’ve subscribed to a ton of them) offer some sort of value…$100 of products for $45.  Here, you aren’t exactly getting $69.00 in grub because the two-day shipping makes up a sizable chunk of that monthly fee.  I don’t know how long we’ll keep playing with Goldbely, but for now we have February’s box on its way and I’m pretty pumped to be an armchair traveling foodie.

In case you’re traveling to or living around Charleston, South Carolina and wondering if Callie’s Southern Biscuits are any good, here’s my last bit of photo evidence.

goldbely callie's biscuit review

Yep.  They’re good.  Have you tried Goldbely?  Which are your favorite products/boxes?  Any other subscription boxes you think I should try?  Be a good little biscuit and leave me a note.


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