Cover Girl Oh Sugar! Quickie Review

January 6, 2016

These little lippies are like gold.  They’re nearly impossible to find in my town. Empty display cases everywhere. 

My magical husband managed to track one down and surprised me with it by tucking it in my toothpaste drawer. Found it this morning and I’m pumped to try it.

He bought the Oh Sugar! shade in Soda, a color totally on my Want List.  In the tube it’s a deep burgundy.  On the lips it sheers out beautifully into a cola/berry.  

The consistency is similar to a balm. All of the advertising hints that this is meant to be a dupe for Fresh’s amazing lip products. I find it more similar to The Balm by L’oréal (which I like very much). My favorite thing about Fresh is that sugared lemon scent, and I can’t quite tell if it’s mimicked here. My first impression is a waxy lipstick scent but upon swatching, the scent changes at a bit.  Not quite Fresh, but not unpleasant. 

I want to try more of these. I’m conservative with my Fresh products; they cost so much and I don’t want to use them up too fast. These Oh Sugar! balms could be worth slathering on with slutty abandon.  


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