Bye Bye Fine Lines! L’Oreal RevitaLift Volume Filler Review

February 29, 2016

I had the chance to test and review new products from the L’Oreal RevitaLift Volume Filler line and some of them were real winners!

Here’s the box that arrived at my doorstep:

Inside I found the following full-sized goodies:

This wasn’t my first time using L’Oreal skincare products. My mom used to buy the original Regenerist micro-sculpting cream in the pretty translucent red jars from Costco.  They came two to a blister pack and she’d usually hand off one of them to me. She swore they worked better than Lancome. Aside from the heavy perfume scent, I really liked those products, which made me more excited to test this new line.

Prior to posting this review, I gave these products a legit and consistent try for three weeks. I immediately noticed a fresher scent here. Scent matters.  Here it’s a lighter fragrance, and it fades fast.  This was a definite plus for the enter Volume Filler line. 

I have super oily half-Asian skin with the occasional flakiness around my nose. I’m in my mid-30s and noticing some fine lines under my eyes and some dark spots on my cheeks.  I also have two vertical frown lines between my eyebrows that totally piss me off. I blame them on job stress and apparently I’m an angry sleeper..I must dream about job stressors. I’m an absolute product junkie and aside from using a Clarisonic daily, I don’t have a go-to face cleanser.

Of the products in this line, I found that the serum and eye cream worked best for my skin.  

The eye cream gives a very slight stinging sensation which I always equate to active, working ingredients.  

The serum is silky and light in texture. It sinks into the skin easily and its fine for layering with other skin products. 

I did notice some plumping of the lines around my eyes after only a day of use. After a week, those angry lines faded a bit. These results surprised me. I tried taking some photos, but they just didn’t show off the difference well enough to justify posting them.

The day and night creams weren’t my favorites.  Both were pretty heavy on my oily skin and caused small bumpy breakouts on my otherwise clear forehead. I don’t think I can recommend them to acne prone aging skin. Normal skin women would probably do fine with these two products. I would have liked to have seen a high SPF count on the daily moisturizer. I’m all about skincare multitasking.

For people who don’t have SK-II and Lancome budgets, this is a perfectly serviceable mid-range anti-aging line delivers almost instant, noticeable results. 

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