At the Movies: Star Wars

December 23, 2015

After a 2+ hour wait in line at the IMAX, we got in to see Star Wars: The Force Awakens without being exposed to any spoilers. Like champs.

Apparently, on opening night at another theater in town some punk pushed his way into the crowded first showing and blurted out some spoilers to the crowd.  He was then attacked by a small mob of angry fans.  This is not a joke.  It was complete mayhem according to some fellow people who were waiting in line with us this morning.  They came to see the film a second time where they didn’t have to stand in the back of the theater.  That first night showing was standing room only.  I’ve never heard of anything like it.

As for a quick take on Star Wars, my husband Sam was floored and in awe the entire way through.  As someone who has seen the prior six movies but doesn’t think they were the foundation of my childhood, I found it to be a perfectly balanced movie:  there was enough action to keep the guys gripped and enough story for the ladies they dragged along with them.  There was humor, and melancholy moments.  I like films that roll me through a few different emotions, and Star Wars made it happen from the very beginning with the words “STAR WARS” blasted on to the screen in bright yellow and it’s scrolling intro.

It’s hard to write about movie without really talking about it.

We sat all the way through the credits, wondering if there might be a bonus scene.  I remember a film professor in college telling us that a film isn’t finished until the credits finish rolling.  Someone put work into it, choosing the font and pacing and music.  He said you don’t get the full expression of the art form if you check out early for the bathroom.  I wonder if big-time critics stick around till they see the copyright at the very end…

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