A Dreamy Home Office

January 12, 2016

Lately I’m loving the idea of a piecemeal home office that mixes elements of old and new, quirky and streamlined. Super high end pieces you won’t find in every other blogger’s office mixed with finds you could grab at your local Target Dollar Spot make for a perfect combination. 

No one will remember that white desk, white, mousepad, white vase and white chair set off by the white lamp and white rug. Sunlight filtering in through white translucent curtains just won’t have the impact of a damn golden fox lamp. I love that thing. I love it as much as my own, similar, ceramic bulldog lamp that guards my dining room.

There’s definitely a balance to this look. I hate the word eclectic..typing it just now made me gaggy.  Just know that it’s easy to make the look too intentional. It needs to look a little thoughtless. The best way to avoid overt intention, in my experience, is to look for some unexpected pieces of an unexpected style that just bring you joy, and nothing more. And then place them somewhere in your space that brings you joy.  If that means something is placed off-center and your type-A personality can handle the lack of symmetry, then just roll with it. It’ll make your office more interesting and you’ll feel less urge for an office decor overhaul in a year.  Joy+Joy=Accidental Chic.  

If you’re looking to make just one change to your home office, I suggest a new rug. I scored several on super sale and at a surprisingly good quality here, including some that have that rad deeply dyed look. You can’t beat huge rugs delivered straight to your doorstep for less than $3.00! My poor UPS driver must hate me, but I definitely keep him in a job.

As far as rugs go, I love a great big teal overdyed rug or a colorful yet faded rug that suggests that it has some history. Even if there’s none.

Here’s my current perfect, dreamy home office inspiration.

A Dreamy Office

What inspires your creative juices in your home office?

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