6 Great Snacks to Keep in Your Desk Drawer

January 26, 2016

Not everyone has a mini fridge in their office. Most people who work office jobs do have a blood sugar drop around 3:00pm that makes them feel sluggish, spent, and about to rage.

A little nibble of something can help power you through those last couple hours on the clock. These are some of the best snacks I’ve found for stashing in a desk drawer. They taste good and have at least a couple health benefits over  a rogue donut leftover from the morning. These snacks are easy to eat and require no refrigeration.

1. Way Better Snacks Sweet Chili Tortilla Chips. The flavor sensation of these chips trumps anything from Doritos: sweet, salty, tangy, spicy..and I think there’s some flax in the mix. 

2. Oranges and tangerines. Take a couple with you on Monday and challenge yourself to finish them over the work week. I’m weird in that I don’t like biting into apples, and I don’t keep knives in my office. This fruit makes more sense to me in an office setting.

Tangerines are easy to peel and nosh, no cleanup required. Vitamin C is a good way to help keep you immune to office germs and that citrus scent is instantly energizing. 

The orange above is Cava Cava, cut in half for a pink and fleshy beauty shot. 

3. Nature Valley Crunchy Granola Bars.  I hadn’t had one of these in probably 10 years but my husband brought home a Costco-sized box of them recently. I grabbed one while in a rush to court and when I bit in the first thing I thought was, “These aren’t as hard as I remember.”  A pleasant surprise. 

The next day while vegging and watching bad TV, there was a commercial for them saying they’re now easier to eat. Glad we both noticed.  Slight sweetness is satisfying and a bit of fiber will help keep your stomach from getting hangry before dinner.  Plus, you can find them at almost any gas station or grocery store.

4.  Divine Bovine Beef Jerky.  I’m a jerk when it comes to jerky. I’m not a jerky connoisseur. Some brands are tough to chew, dry and flavorless. Other brands have a funky and gamey aftertaste. I’m a jerky purist in my preference for beef only: no turkey jerky or swine jerky for me.  

This brand is a bit pricey but they make the softest, most premium beef jerky I’ve found. I don’t eat a ton of jerky, so if I’m gonna eat it, I’m gonna buy the good stuff.  This Hot & Tangy flavor is very spicy. It will make you pause mid-sentence if you’re snacking whole on a phone call. If you’re shy, go for the original flavor. The little package will disappear before your eyes, but it’s a convenient protein boost.


5. Mini Me’s Organic Rice Bites dipped in Strawberry Yogurt.
 If you have a sweet tooth but don’t want to cave to Girl Scout Cookie season (not today, at least), give these rice bites a try. They’re wafery in texture and have a bit of strawberry flavor that doesn’t taste fake and chemically.  They’re not the easiest to find. I found these at Sprouts. 

6. H.K. Anderson Valencia Peanut Butter Filled Pretzel Nuggets (Costco). Whoa these are addictive. My husband, dad, and I are all hooked on these salty, creamy, nuggets. The peanut butter isn’t too sweet and the crunch of be pretzel isn’t too hard. There’s protein and satisfaction in that dab of peanut butter. Find these at Costco and then see how fast you can toss back a whole tub of them. I portion them into snack sized baggies to kee in my desk drawer. My husband gets to have the jumbo container. You can find similar peanut butter pretzel nugs at Trader Joes, but these are my favorites.

I don’t keep all of these goodies in my drawers at all times. In fact, right now I don’t have a stash of office snacks and I sinfully forget to eat breakfast most mornings. This leaves me famished and wishing I had one of these snacks to grab between work obligations. 

What are your healthy favorite snacks to keep on hand for emergencies? 

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